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The practice of cosmetic dentistry starts with improvements to your smile. But it can go so much further than that. Often times it can be considered an elective procedure but there are cases in which restoration was logistically warranted. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind a cosmetic dentistry improvement, the different types of cosmetic dentistry and their procedures, the benefits of having a dental improvement of this nature and the oral care moving forward to maintain your investment.

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Reason for Cosmetic Dentistry

Take a look in the mirror. Do you see visible chips, fractures or cracks on your front teeth? Can you see if your teeth might be yellowing or looked stained? They’re just not as white as they once were. Did your teeth experience any infections or is some decay evident. Of course, is there a tooth missing that dramatically alters your smile? Each and every one of these can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is a truly value added feature and benefit of your personality. It is tough to assign a value until that smile is altered or taken away. One of the symptoms above could have you changing your smile due to a level of embarrassment. As you become more cognizant of your smile you will also see a slip in your self-confidence and self-awareness. Not something you need to deal with when it can be corrected so easily with a visit to the cosmetic dentist.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Other than the physical corrections of the symptoms mentioned earlier; yellowing, staining, cracks, chips, gaps and basic abnormalities, cosmetic dentistry can deliver other unknown benefits to your overall health. You can reduce the risk of periodontal disease, which is the condition of your gums. Once you embrace your new smile you will also out of default take better care of your gums. It may have been difficult to chew or bite your food so your cosmetic dentistry procedure will make it more enjoyable to address your appetite. Because the outcomes are so versatile there are many aesthetic improvements. You will become more aware of your eating and drinking habits and maybe you’ll follow health industry suggestions and brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day because you now find yourself motivated. Finally, you have no way of quantifying the potential reduction in stress socially because all of a sudden you have a beautiful smile again. Interactions, both personal and professional, willundoubtedly change and improve for the better. This also leads to better mental health, believe it or not.

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Choosing The Right Procedure

Here is a list of various cosmetic dentistry improvements; teeth whitening, dental veneers, composite bonding or fillings, inlays or onlays, implants and dental bridges. Let’s look briefly and what each type does to improve your smile and why it is considered cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening can correct your teeth yellowing or becoming stained. Whether it be genetics, medicine taken as a child, or your love of coffee or red wine, teeth do age over time and change color, either yellowing or becoming stained. Even though there is a number of home remedies nothing will give you the results like having 0ur Doctors administer the whitening procedure. Quicker and more effective, you can have your teeth whitened regularly if your habits necessitate this approach. Yes, a much whiter smile. Secondly are veneers. Veneers, usually fabricated from very thin shields of porcelain, are applied to the front of your teeth to adjust the shape, size, color and hide chips and cracks in your teeth. The porcelain can be made in any color of white to match or improve the whiteness in your smile. The third method of cosmetic dentistry is composite bonding or fillings. The tooth decay is removed with a drill and the composite material is sculpted into the right shape to blend and resemble the color of the tooth enamel. This covers the damage and the tooth appears to look totally normal. A dental inlay or onlay is when a tooth has a small crack but it’s just not large enough to necessitate a crown placed over it. The inlay or onlay is made in a lab of either composite resin or porcelain and is cemented over the crack. Onlays are larger and cover more surface of the tooth. An implant is when you have had a tooth extracted. Either due to disease and infection or due to an accident, the gap should be filled. An implant is a post that is placed into the jawbone and then a crown is put on that post to fabricate a natural tooth. If you are not a candidate for an implant due to the health of your jawbone of even receding gums you may have a dental bridge fabricated to fill that gap. A bridge is an artificial tooth that is anchored to the neighboring teeth to give it strength. Any and all of the cosmetic dentistry options above have stood the test of time and will be a dramatic improvement if you have one of the symptoms we opened with.

At Home Care

After you have had your cosmetic dentistry procedure at Smile Eden Prairie they will give you some home care oral hygiene tips. Of course, it starts with an awareness of your diet and the understanding of what plaque is and the bacteria it carries and the damage it does to both teeth and gums. By simply being patient and doing a good job brushing twice a day with a good tooth brush you can remove this plaque from your teeth and yes, your gums as well. Flossing is necessary because the bristles can’t get between your teeth so the floss will remove the plaque from these are to reach areas. It’s your smile, no one else’s. And no one else will take care of that smile. Be good to yourself, have an exam and make your smile the best it can be.

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Having cosmetic dentistry can significantly impact and improve the lives of those with damaged teeth. Scheduling an appointment for cosmetic surgery is the first step towards being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for cosmetic dentistry at (952) 941-9829. At Smile Eden Prairie, we are passionate about your smile and committed to providing you with the quality care you need!