We Are Passionate About Dentistry

Very friendly and very caring and very fast service. I had a crown put on during the first visit, the numbing agent was already out and I was back to normal before I reached home! No pain even the next day! I had no jaw pain from stretching to keep my mouth open during the procedure because they used a plastic insert that you rested your teeth on, which made the whole procedure relaxing. The crown was completed in one visit! No going back ! Very nice staff!

- Marilyn S.

Dentist Eden Prairie MN - Smile Eden Prairie is an Aesthetic Family Dental Practice

Providing General & Cosmetic Dentistry to Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Shakopee, Minnetonka and Edina Patients

We are Passionate About Dentistry

Very friendly and very caring and very fast service. I had a crown put on during the first visit, the numbing agent was already out and I was back to normal before I reached home! No pain even the next day! I had no jaw pain from stretching to keep my mouth open during the procedure because they used a plastic insert that you rested your teeth on, which made the whole procedure relaxing. The crown was completed in one visit! No going back ! Very nice staff!

- Marilyn S.
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Dentists and Professional Practices Make the Difference

Welcome to Smile Eden Prairie in Eden Prairie, MN, where our dental practice is built on a simple, essential foundation: we are here to provide you with the best compassionate dental care, delivered by professionals who believe in comprehensive care and patient education, in a welcoming, relaxing environment.

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Dental Services

Patients visiting our Dentists can receive a full range of general & cosmetic dentistry. We provide dental implants, extractions, root canal therapy, fillings, Invisalign, dental crowns, dentures, and more.

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Our Dentists

Our Dentists are thorough, compassionate dentists treating patients in Eden Prairie and the surrounding communities. Their primary goal as a practitioner is to help people achieve optimal oral health outcomes.

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Our Practice

At Smile Eden Prairie we pride ourselves on providing a tranquil and serene environment with state-of-the-art dental technology. Some include digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras.

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Financial Details

We will be more than happy to submit all insurance forms for you and help you recover the most from your benefits. We will do everything we can to help you afford the dental treatment you need and want. Read more about our financial information here.

Some of the Many Dental Services We Provide

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning is a result of neglect. We’ll address the condition of your teeth first. The culprits behind the damage that deep teeth cleaning will be used to reverse. Then we’ll talk about the process itself, the benefits after you have experienced deep teeth cleaning and finally the measures to be taken moving forward so you can avoid this procedure in the future.

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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a very simple procedure done in one single visit right in the dental office. It is considered one of the easiest and most least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. Dental bonding is the application of a composite resin, the color of your tooth, to repair a chipped, fractured, decayed, or discolored tooth.

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Dental Bridges

This is a prosthetic device that is correctly named. Like a bridge we walk over or drive over, this bridge will span a gap in your teeth. A bridge needs anchors on each sides. In the case of a dental bridge you will usually have two abutment teeth, one on each side, that serve as anchors to support the bridge.

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 Dental Crowns

A crown, or cap, is prosthetic object that is cemented onto and over the tooth. The dental crown is what the dental industry calls the tooth that is visible above your gum line. This new artificial crown or cap can be made of four different types.

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Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a very thin plastic coating that is literally painted on your teeth. Usually it is applied to the premolars and molars to protect the chewing surfaces to prevent tooth decay. Let’s look at some reasons why dental sealants are advantageous, the process to get the dental sealant actually applied, and the benefits and care necessary to extend the life of the product.

Root Canals

A root canal is really simply short for root canal therapy. Contrary to all myths you will hear and read, a root canal is not a procedure to subject you to severe pain. In fact, you may be experiencing pain prior to the procedure and once the tooth is repaired and saved you will be pain free.


Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is a very polite way of saying having your tooth pulled. The perception of the procedure changes with the verb and will ramp up many patient’s anxiety when it comes to the fear of pain. There are many reasons to have a tooth extraction and the process is very easy. The healing process is deliberate and the benefits are identifiable.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The practice of cosmetic dentistry starts with improvements to your smile. But it can go so much further than that. Often times it can be considered an elective procedure but there are cases in which restoration was logistically warranted.

Gummy Smile

To keep it simple and to the point, crown lengthening is done through gum removal. The crown is the part of the tooth visible above the gum line. The balance of the tooth is the root or roots. When something needs to be done on that crown and there isn’t enough surface for the dentist to work with the gum can be reduced to make more of the tooth a crown and make it more accessible.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a metal post that is surgically positioned into your jawbone beneath your gums. This post then allows the dentist to mount an artificial tooth on that post. We’ll review the situations that might necessitate a dental implant, how the actual implant works, the dental procedure to place that dental implant and the benefits of pursuing this method of restoration.

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There are many wonderful options today to replace missing teeth. Not everyone though is a candidate for implants and bridges. Sometimes the situation dictates a full or partial set of dentures. Dentures are dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth.

Dental Inlays & Onlays

If this is yet another dental term that you are not familiar with don’t be alarmed, and inlay or an onlay is really nothing more than a filling. They are a durable restorative filling dealing with a cavity, just a little better than the other fillings available.


Invisalign has been around now for over 20 years with the continuous research and studies that can be expected with a revolutionary product of this nature. The science behind this product is now responsible for over 700 patents.

Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is described as a wafer thin, custom made shell placed over the tooth to re-create its natural look. It will also provide strength that may have been lost from the original enamel. Let’s examine some situations that might necessitate a veneer, the materials used, the process of applying the veneer and the benefits for having a porcelain veneer applied.

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Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can be whitened. Over time you may not notice the gradual discoloration. There are several methods to accomplish teeth whitening. We’ll first identify what causes the staining of your teeth and the composition and makeup of your teeth that allows this to happen.


The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Let’s break down the process first, the conditions that suggest this would be a good solution, the benefits of going through the CEREC process and oral care moving forward from the procedure.

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Bone Grafting

Grafting defined in a medical dictionary is a surgical procedure transplanting living tissue from one site to another. It also acknowledges that the transplant is coming without its own blood supply and instead a new blood supply grows after it is placed.

Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can happen they are least expected. While no one desires emergency care, accidents do happen and it is best to be prepared if you are faced with a challenging situation.

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Oral Surgery

There are many common oral surgery procedures that we’ll introduce you to. As we scroll through the different procedures we’ll also briefly touch on the procedure itself, the recovery and the benefits of having that particular oral surgery procedure.

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Other Questions/Topics Our Patients Ask About

What's the Difference Between a DMD and DDS?

The acronyms DDS and DMD are different degrees dentists can obtain. DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. DMD will either stand for Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine. While those titles may sound different when they are spelled out, the American Dental Association (ADA) confirms that they refer to the same degrees. Some universities provide dental student graduates with a DDS, while others will provide a DMD. Rest assured, both degrees maintain the same curriculum requirements.

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What's the Real Dentist Recommended Toothpaste?

Toothpaste has changed significantly since it was first introduced in the late 1800s. Modern toothpaste is customized to meet you specific needs and comes in many different flavors. Selecting the right toothpaste for your family can be overwhelming. A good place to start is by having your dentist recommend a toothpaste based on your needs. Below are a few popular types of toothpaste.

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Dentistry & Acid Reflux

If your child experiences reflux, it is especially important that they see the dentist as soon as they have teeth. Good pediatric dentists are able to identify reflux early on and help devise a thorough treatment plan. For children who experience severe acid reflux, they may need to visit the dentist every three months compared to the standard six month recommendation. Prevention of damage is key.

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Dentists & Prescriptions or Medications

Dentists may prescribe various medications as part of your treatment. Medications can be used to combat oral diseases, to prevent or treat infection, for pain management and for anxiety. Your dentist will provide information regarding any prescribed medications. It is critical to understand the medication, follow the prescribed dosage and discuss any potential side effects.

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Tips for Easing Dental Fears

The longer you avoid going to see the dentist, the greater the risk of developing serious dental issues. When serious dental issues occur, the can be costly and time intensive to properly treat. Regular visits to the dentist can improve the entire process from scheduling to the appointment itself. If you struggle with paralyzing fear of your next dentist appointment or are just slightly apprehensive, the below strategies can help ease your anxiety and ensure your next visit is a positive experience.

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