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Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is described as a wafer thin, custom made shell placed over the tooth to re-create its natural look. It will also provide strength that may have been lost from the original enamel. Let’s examine some situations that might necessitate a veneer, the materials used, the process of applying the veneer and the benefits for having a porcelain veneer applied by our dentist.

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Candidate for Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are often used to fix teeth that are worn down, crooked, damaged, chipped and/or broken. One of the biggest reasons would be discoloration. This would be considered a cosmetic reason and veneers are not stain resistant but certainly not as porous as your original enamel. So if you have serious stains from tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea, and an assortment of foods such as berries and tomato sauce, veneers can give you a fresh start that will be a struggle with teeth whitening. Sometimes in the case of a root canal, or stains from a drug prescribed as a child, excessive fluoride use or simply genetics, veneers can take your enamel back to its original shade of white. Veneers can also correct teeth that are misaligned, uneven or have an irregular shape. You can also use porcelain veneers to close gaps between teeth. Functionally veneers can help out weaker teeth. If you suffer from acid reflex your enamel will be weakened. Veneers can act as a shield to protect that tooth.

Porcelain Veneers Material

As the title suggests, porcelain veneers are the most popular material used. The other option is resin composite. Porcelain resists stains better and actually mimic the light reflecting qualities of natural enamel. The porcelain veneer is the closest to your actual natural tooth. In comparison to a crown, or a bonding method, the ability to create a shell so thin and in any shade of white makes these veneers very popular. A porcelain veneer can last a significant amount of time with good solid oral hygiene. On the other hand, if you grind your teeth, you will want to share that with our Doctors. You may not be a candidate for veneers if you clench your teeth on a regular basis. You may have to find an alternative solution.

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Porcelain Veneer Application

We must first address an important issue regarding porcelain veneers. The application of the veneers is irreversible. You need to have a discussion with either of our Doctors about the pros and cons of porcelain veneers and your oral hygiene future. The first step in the process is to create an impression so it can be sent to the lab which will be fabricating the veneer. Then you will receive a local anesthetic so the tooth will be numbed.

Then the process continues with the removal of about ½ millimeter of enamel of the tooth being addressed. This is the thickness of the veneer once is it placed on the tooth. The final product might take a few weeks to be finished at the lab. If the tooth is in an unsightly position a temporary veneer will be applied in the dental office. Once the final veneer arrives and is ready for application, the dentist will temporarily place the veneer on the tooth allowing them to make sure the color is a good match and to do any final trimming. Once the final fit has been confirmed by the dentist and yourself the surface of the tooth will be roughed up so the cement can be applied to make the veneer permanent. Any excess cement will be removed and you’ll work through some bite evaluations. You should expect a follow up visit in a few weeks to not only address the tooth and its new veneer but also the gums and how they have reacted.

Porcelain Veneer Benefits

The benefits of receiving a porcelain veneer, or several, are that the gum tissue is very tolerate of these applications. Of course, the objective is reached in achieving a natural tooth color and they are more stain resistant than natural enamel moving forward. Veneers don’t require quite the commitment than crowns offer when it comes to shaping the tooth. So they can be a good viable alternative. Porcelain veneers are very popular in the entertainment industry because it the single best way to achieve perfectly looking natural teeth with limited invasive methods to accomplish the end results. Porcelain veneers though aren’t for everyone. Once again, you need to know that it is a commitment. The process is irreversible. With the enamel being removed from your tooth you have no other recourse. If you chip or crack a veneer it cannot be repaired. It is also possible that your tooth may become more sensitive with the removal of the natural enamel.

Proper Care for Your Porcelain Veneers

Whether it be just one or a number of veneers, your oral hygiene will be no different than normal good care of your teeth and gums. You will be advised to brush your teeth well twice a day. Not quickly, but take your time and concentrate on all of your teeth and your gums. It will also be suggested that you floss at least once a day. This is to get between your teeth where your brush cannot reach. If you take care of your teeth, and your new veneers, they should last a significant amount of time. You need to understand there is a healthy tooth underneath that thin sheath of armor. A tooth that is still susceptible to any sort of disease. So you need to continue with good oral hygiene practices. You need to also commit to a healthy regime of seeing your dentist twice a year. This is suggested in the health industry. Not only can you monitor your new veneers you can also have your teeth professionally cleaned, have periodic x-rays to monitor what is going on below the surface of your gums, and keep everything about your smile healthy. You may start with one porcelain veneer and want to add. There is no end to improving your smile.

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