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Scaling and Root Planing & Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning is a result of neglect. We’ll address the condition of your teeth first. The culprits behind the damage that deep teeth cleaning will be used to reverse. Then we’ll talk about the process itself, the benefits after you have experienced deep teeth cleaning and finally the measures to be taken moving forward so you can avoid this procedure in the future. Read more about Smile Eden Prairie and our dentist here.

Plaque & Tartar

There is bacteria in your mouth. In fact, at any given time you may have 100 to 200 different species present. If you practice good oral hygiene you might have 1,000 to 100,000 bacteria on one single tooth surface at once. If you do not brush on a regular basis that number jumps to 100 million to 1 billion. This bacteria when it sits on your teeth and gums is then called plaque. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film full of bacteria and sugar that is constantly forming on our teeth. This is the material that causes cavities and gum disease. The acids from the plaque attack your teeth after eating or drinking. With repeated acid attacks the enamel breaks down and this is the beginning of a cavity. When plaque is not removed around the gum line is will infect the gums eventually caused gum disease called gingivitis and periodontal disease. If the plaque is not removed it will also continue to build on the tooth below the gum line, damaging the gums and the root of the tooth. This is now our first glimpse of deep teeth cleaning. It amounts to the removal of the plaque beneath the surface of the gum. Every one of us has plaque. Plaque also will develop into yet another detrimental material called tartar, which is the plaque hardening into a mineral like deposit.

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The Deep Teeth Cleaning Process

The deep teeth cleaning procedure in the industry of dentistry is also known as scaling and root planing. Scaling can be done by the hygienist and consists of removing the plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth in the pocket area between the teeth and gums. This process is with a manual scaling tool or an ultrasonic instrument. The root planing part of the deep teeth cleaning process takes the tools further down the tooth to the roots. This may require a local anesthetic and will also require several visits. If you visit your dentist on a regular basis, take care your teeth at home, any deep teeth cleaning process is simple and easy.

Symptoms that Require Teeth Cleaning

Most of the visible symptoms are all related to your gums. If your gums are inflamed, if your gums are bleeding you have plaque on your teeth that is infecting your gums. Bad breath can be an indicator as well as swollen gums, tender gums or if you notice your gums changing colors. If you see any of these schedule a dental exam as soon as possible. If you neglect these symptoms and allow gum disease to develop you will cause serious damage. You will end up with tooth decay, tooth loss and bone loss. All of this can be avoided with deep teeth cleaning and the removal of the infection carrying plaque.

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How Do You Prevent Plaque Build-Up?

First and foremost you should make twice a year appointments at Smile Eden Prairie. In doing so they will conduct an examination of your teeth and gums, take some x-rays of your teeth below the gum line, and then professionally clean your teeth. By having your teeth cleaned by an experienced hygienist it will remove any and all plaque that you have been missing brushing your teeth at home. They will also probe around the base of your teeth. The part of tooth that is visible is called the crown. The small gap between the tooth and the gum is called a pocket. A healthy pocket is three millimeters. If it is more than that the staff of Smile Eden Prairie will probe below the surface to see if any deep teeth cleaning is necessary. The health industries strongly suggest you brush your teeth and gums twice a day for at least two minutes each time. With a good toothbrush, taking your time, you can do a good job keeping up with the ever present plaque. You will also be advised to floss once a day to remove the plaque between your teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach. You might want to consider your diet. Ask the staff at Smile Eden Prairie what you should limit, monitor or eliminate in your diet. What snacks do you like that have a lot of sugar or starches in them for example? Be proactive. Any and all preventive measures are more cost effective than being reactive. Even though deep teeth cleaning should be covered to some degree by your insurance company it is still better than the next alternative and that is dealing with tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease.

Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Of course, your overall health is number one. There has been many studies that have proven the connection between oral health and overall health. Deep teeth cleaning can actually be your ally in preventing unwanted medical conditions that are the results of poor oral conditions. Let’s face it, your mouth is the point of entry. Preventing gum disease is number two. Gum disease is nasty and difficult to reverse. The prevention of any tooth loss is number three. Do you all of a sudden want to be dealing with a missing tooth and the gap that it leaves? The procedures to follow to fill that gap? Of course, the most important benefit is that of your smile. The dental industry spends a lot of time trying to get you and your fellow Americans to accept the value of your smile. Self-esteem and self-confidence come from your smile in both your personal and professional life. So please exercise good common sense when it comes to taking care of your teeth and see your dentist regularly.

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Having a deep teeth cleaning procedure can significantly impact and improve the lives of those with damaged teeth. Scheduling an appointment for deep teeth cleaning is the first step towards being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for Deep teeth cleaning at (952) 941-9829. At Smile Eden Prairie, we are passionate about your smile and committed to providing you with the quality care you need!