Smile Gallery


Julie wanted straighter and whiter teeth. Her smile is as beautiful as she is now!


Michelle’s front teeth had a deficiency in quality tooth structure.  She also had some alignment  concerns.  Clear aligner therapy and veneers were able to give her a smile she loves!


Years of grinding shortened and broke down Jill’s teeth. With crowns we were able to give Jill back her beautiful smile!


Lynn was always self conscious of her smile. She had teeth with cavities, permanent staining on teeth from antibiotics, and implants that didn’t look natural.  We are so happy to have given he the smile she deserves!


Allie is getting married soon. She wanted a smile that looked more polished. Dr. Fam added composite to both front teeth to make her smile even brighter.

Denise Z.

Patient wanted a more even smile. We lengthened her teeth some, corrected thick areas, and evened out her smile.

April K.

April had two baby teeth removed and implants placed to give her smile a more balanced appearance

Barb N.

Barb had her smile enhanced using crowns. She wanted whiter teeth that were more proportionate with her smile.

Barb V.

Barb had uneven teeth that did note bite well together. We helped her achieve a better bite and a prettier smile.

Billy B.

Billy wanted longer whiter teeth that showed off his smile. We did this with veneers.

Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth just wanted to look a little nicer. I think her four crowns achieved this is spades!

Greg B.

We eliminated Greg’s dark lines with new crowns

Jennifer H.

Jennifer has had multiple crowns and implants as she worked to getting the whole full smile she wanted.

Joan N.

Joan started her care with braces. Then we filled in the gaps and whitened her teeth with crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Lida C.

Lida had failing crowns in her front teeth. Sadly she had to have them removed. Then had implants to replace her missing teeth.


Mary wanted a nicer smile. We used 4 crowns the accomplish that for her.

Olivia P.

Olivia had chipped discolored teeth. Veneers have her a more even look to her teeth

Parm S.

Parm wanted bigger teeth. She had 4 veneers

Ronika P.

Ronika has six veneers done. And had her gold tooth replaced and the others cleaned up.

Sandy Mc.

Sandy had lots of old fillings and discolorations. She wanted a cleaner smile. Now she smiles bigger with 6 crowns

Sandy M.

Sandy had some bite issues. First she had braces. Then some implants. And some crowns. Our goal was a functional healthy smile.

Sonja H.

Sonja had many cavities. We cleaned them and added 8 veneers.


Sue wanted her smile to reflect her fun personality. We placed veneers top and bottom to giver her a more youthful clean smile.

Veronica H.

She was missing many teeth. And had many cavities. She repaired the cavities and used implants to fill in missing teeth.

Irma R.

Irma had 10 veneers to replace old bulky restorations that just needed refreshing.