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Oral Surgery

Life is perception. So often when people hear the term surgery they think of a life threatening situation on a TV show. An operating room, general anesthesia and time in the recovery room. Surgery is literally nothing more than the cutting away of some tissue on or in the body. Therefore, oral surgery is the cutting away of some tissue in the mouth. There are many common oral surgery procedures that we’ll introduce you to. As we scroll through the different procedures we’ll also briefly touch on the procedure itself, the recovery and the benefits of having that particular oral surgery procedure.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

This is the most common type of oral surgery that is usually done from a preventative point of view. They don’t start as a concern but will become one. Most wisdom teeth extractions are done between the ages of 17 and 25. Basically in many cases the jaw is not large enough to accommodate this third set of molars. If they are impacted, which means they have not erupted through the gum line, or if they are partially emerged, then oral surgery will be performed to remove them. If the teeth are not extracted they can lead to infections, swelling, and the shifting of your other teeth. You can end up with damage to the nearby teeth, your gums and bone if these teeth are not removed. The procedure is nothing more than the tissue around the tooth receiving local anesthesia, an incision made to access the tooth and then an instrument called a forceps used to extract the tooth. All tooth extractions will follow with bleeding, gauze over the extraction, and you biting down on that gauze for 20 to 30 minutes.

Dental Implants

Under that simple definition of cutting away tissue then we will include another popular procedure, that being a dental implant. If you have lost a tooth and a gap remains you need to fill that gap. If you do not the neighboring teeth will shift and you will lose jawbone density. So your options are a dental bridge or a dental implant. Implants are becoming more popular because they are the closest thing to having your natural tooth. The procedure is minor oral surgery. The immediate area is numbed with the administration of local anesthesia and then the gum is cut to access the jawbone. A hole is drilled in the jawbone and a titanium post is placed in that hole. The surgery site is closed, you go through normal recovery methods, and that post will grow into the jawbone. After several months an extension is place on the post called an abutment and then the final porcelain ceramic crown is placed on the abutment. This oral surgery procedure can be done in the office of Smile Eden Prairie by any of our Doctors.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

This category has a number of different dental problems included. This type of oral surgery will address an incorrect bite with irregular jaw alignment, any kind of major or minor trauma to your jaw and to correct TMJ, which stands for joint pain in your jaws. If your jaws have an incorrect position they can also lead to out-of-proportion facial appearance. Remember as simple or difficult, as long as it involves the cutting of tissue it is an oral surgery.

Denture Fit Improvement

Sometimes a set of dentures just doesn’t fit well due to irregularities in the jaw. The staff at Smile Eden Prairie may
suggest a bone graft on the jaw bone to eliminate that irregularity so the dentures can be worn with comfort.

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Bone Grafting

An all-encompassing category is that of bone grafting. If you have suffered bone loss in your jaw a natural or synthetic piece of bone can be placed next to the bone and it will regenerate new bone in a matter of months. Again, most common prior to a dental implant if the jawbone is too soft and thin to accept the titanium post. Or if gum disease has led to the weakening of the jawbone.

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Oral Surgery Recovery

As you can see there are many different types of oral surgery and we still didn’t capture them all. With each and every one of us our mouth is an extension of how unique we all are. So our dental problems are unique as well. After any type of oral surgery you will initially stop the bleeding. If a blood clot is involved that clot is very important to a healthy recovery. You want to take care of that clot. Soft food for the first 24 hours, no sucking through a straw for several days and you should not smoke either. You do not want to dislodge that clot. You will be asked to rinse your mouth frequently with salt water to minimize opportunity for infection and you may have to apply some ice to your face to reduce any type of swelling after the oral surgery procedure. Depending on the type of oral surgery and how extensive it was the healing process can go from two weeks to six months.

Benefits of Oral Surgery

The benefits are difficult to isolate due to the vast swath of different oral surgeries. Suffice it to say it has been a proactive corrective procedure to address a dental problem. Stress and anxiety can be the result of indecision. You have had a consultation with the staff at Smile Eden Prairie and collectively you have made the decision to correct this dental problem and improve your smile, your bite pattern, your chewing and speaking ability, your oral health and your quality of life. Seeing the staff at Eden Prairie twice a year is advised by the health industry. They can create a history of your mouth and watch your teeth and gums change with your life. By scheduling regular appointments you can catch any pending problems before they become severe and you then fall into a reactionary mode. Be proactive!

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