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The Wand

The Wand is yet another terrific technological advancement in the field of dentistry. The long and short of it is that it will replace the needle used to provide local anesthesia for dental procedures. Let’s identify the anxiety and phobias first around a dental visit and why, the wand itself and then the benefits of having a procedure with the wand versus a traditional syringe and needle.

Anxieties and Phobias around a Dental Visit

The Wand addresses some of the fears that many Americans share today in regards to dental office visits. In fact, 10% to 15% of fellow Americans avoid seeing their dentist because of some level of anxiety and fear. This translates to between 30 and 40 million folks that make a detrimental health decision based on a preconceived notion of fear. This is a universal phenomenon and has been around for some time. Dentists have been using syringes to inject a local numbing agent since 1853. The fear of pain is a very common reason for neglecting to see the dentist. This stems from either an earlier visit or the perception created by the experience of a friend or family member. There is the fear of the injection and that the injection won’t work to subdue the procedure to follow. There is the fear of the anesthesia and the side effects of the anesthesia. Some patients fear the potential side effects of dizziness, feeling faint or a level of nausea. Depending on how the anesthesia was administered there can be too much resulting in a numbness beyond just the immediate area worked on. The words anxiety and phobia are often interchanged by patients when in reality they are different. Dental phobia is more than the exaggerated or unfound worries of fear, it actually terrifies them and they are panic stricken. In either case, these folks have a much higher incident of numerous dental problems due to neglect. They have a higher risk of gum disease, of having discolored and damaged teeth and emotionally it will affect their insecurities changing their smile and even how they speak. The Wand can and will begin to change some of these fears.

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Introducing the Wand

The Wand is a computer-assisted system to deliver local anesthesia instead of the traditional syringe and needle. The Wand carefully guides dental professionals as they administer necessary dental injections. The discomfort over the years from a dental injection was not from the needle itself but from the speed of which the anesthetic was injected and the amount. Some dentists in the past have been a little clumsy or a little heavy handed and their oversight contributed to the pain. The Wand looks like a pen. So the visual perception is immediately changed. Painful injections are now becoming a thing of the past. Having entered the industry almost ten years ago it is making a huge difference with children. When children have a pain-free experience it changes their perception of the dental visit as they grow. Hopefully as more offices like Smile Eden Prairie exercise use of the Wand we inevitably will have a healthier society when it comes to reducing dental anxiety and the negative side effects by not seeing the dentist on a regular basis. The pen still has a very small needle that must deliver the injection, but the cutting-edge technology delivers the exact right amount at the exact right rate. The Wand has three speeds tailored for the injection type to ensure the best in effectiveness and patient comfort. Intraligamentary tissue can be identified by the Wand so the staff at Smile Eden Prairie can find the precise location for your injection. The anesthesia is computer-controlled by a hardware device and the Wand itself is a hand-piece holding the small needle. Dentists also appreciate the ergonomically design finding it so much easier to work with then their old syringe and needle delivery system. Not only does anxiety come from the needle but also from a dentist who is struggling with that needle.

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Benefits of a Procedure with the Wand

The Wand will immediately deliver fewer uncomfortable side-effects from anesthesia. This is the loss of feeling in your cheeks and some drooling and mumbling that comes with too much anesthesia. You’ll be able to speak, eat and drink sooner after a procedure. The Wand can help to manage dental anxiety and dental phobia when it comes to any and all fear that is generated from pain associated with needles. You will relax now versus getting tense in the chair prior to an injection. It will reduce anxiety across many dental procedures and it will reduce any unnecessary numbness that results from too much anesthesia injected. It is a huge advantage when working with children. Once the Wand is introduced the anxiety driven behavior is brought into check. Some children have had to have nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia to allow a dentist to get near them with a needle. The Wand reinforces the power of perception in forming our thoughts, opinions and preconceived notions as it will slowly break down those anxiety barriers. The health industry strongly suggests that we all see our dentist twice a year for examinations, x-rays and professional cleaning. If we can minimize these national anxieties more fellow Americans will heed these preventive measures and it becomes a win-win for all parties. This is the pending impact of the Wand and the simple cutting-edge technology it is bringing to the dental office.

Qualify your Dentist

When you call Smile Eden Prairie ask them about the Wand. Make sure they indeed use the Wand and will use it if you need an anesthetic for a dental procedure. This will reduce your anxiety before you even get in the car to head to your appointment. Then you can spend more time focusing on the positive outcomes of your dental visit versus the negative associations with pain. Your dentist is on your team trying to help you maintain good oral health. Thank you the Wand!

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Using The Wand can significantly reduce the anxiety you may feel during your dental appointment. Scheduling an appointment for The Wand is the first step towards overcoming your fears and being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for The Wand at (952) 941-98289. At Smile Eden Prairie, we are passionate about your smile and committed to providing you with the quality care you need!