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Dental Crowns

Let’s detail what is a dental crown, why a dental crown is necessary, the process in placing a crown on your tooth and finally the benefits, outcomes and proper care moving forward with having that crown.

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What Dental Crowns Are

A crown, or cap, is prosthetic object that is cemented onto and over the tooth. The dental crown is what the dental industry calls the tooth that is visible above your gum line. This new artificial crown or cap can be made of four different types. First comes the ceramic crown which today is now the most popular because it can be made in many different shades of white to look completely natural and blend with your teeth. The material used is porcelain based. The second type is a porcelain fuse-to-metal crown providing a stronger crown. The metal structure makes the porcelain even more durable. A third variety is a gold alloy cap that can be a mixture of gold, copper and other metals. This dental crown will not fracture, bonds to the tooth very well and will not wear the tooth away what so ever. Finally, a base metal alloy crown is a cap made from other metals that are highly resistant to corrosion. These make for strong crowns as well and very little of the tooth is removed prior to fitting.

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Crowns are Necessary

Basically your tooth has become compromised from its original shape or function. This means that the tooth has developed a crack, a fracture, a severe chip or even a cavity that have been removed and filled. Something has changed and damaged the tooth and it is not as strong as it was in its natural state. A dental crown may be suggested to protect the tooth from further damage. It may also be suggested if the tooth is discolored or is badly shaped. The tooth may have undergone a root canal and again the crown will protect the weakened tooth. Much of this is addressing an invaluable asset of yours that is often taken for granted, that being your smile. You may find yourself becoming more self-conscious and your smile becoming guarded and more reserved if one of your front teeth is damaged or discolored. A dental crown will not only restore the function of that tooth when it comes to biting and chewing but it will also restore your smile. A crown may also be necessary if you have lost the neighboring tooth. If you chose not to fill that gap with an implant then a crown will be placed on the teeth on each side of the gap to becoming the support for a dental bridge.

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Process of Placing a Dental Crown

Our Doctors begin the procedure by making an impression of the tooth being capped. Generally speaking, using technology and software advancements, they can shape the tooth as it should be in its natural state. Every single tooth will be somewhat unique in dealing with the crown. If there is decay, or cracks that need to be dealt with first, the software will identify and help create the crown as if the tooth was perfectly healthy. X-rays will also be introduced to make sure the tooth is healthy below the gum line. The new dental crown will be fabricated at a dental lab taking just a few weeks. Most likely the tooth will be a candidate for a temporary acrylic crown while you wait. Once the impression has been used to fabricate your new crown and it is completed, the tooth must be made slightly smaller to accept the cap. In both cases, through the temporary crown and then the final placement of the permanent crown, a local anesthetic will be used to avoid any discomfort. The permanent dental crown will be cemented in place with a special adhesive over the original tooth and the process is complete.

Dental Crown Benefits

Your new dental crown may take some getting used to before the permanent crown feels natural and normal in your mouth. You may experience some slight sensitivity with the tooth or the gums. But over little time the crown will look, function and feel like the tooth was totally normal. The life expectancy of your new crown averages about 15 years. With methodical proper care you can extend the life of your crown to 25 to 30 years. So your new tooth not only becomes functional but it also brings back the self confidence that was struggling with the damaged tooth. Your smile is back and you feel good about it. Often time’s dental crowns are used in a cosmetic situation to not just repair a venerable tooth but to improve how several teeth might look in a smile.

Dental Crown Aftercare

Since the dental crown is expected to look and function like a normal tooth, your proper oral hygiene habits should be the same. The health industry strongly suggests that you brush your teeth twice a day. This means brushing well with a good toothbrush and to replace that toothbrush every six months. With the areas that your toothbrush cannot reach you need to floss at least once a day between your teeth. Brushing is not only necessary for the removal of bacteria carrying plaque on your teeth but it will keep your gums healthy as well. In regards to a new dental crown or two nothing changes. In fact, you should be advised you should avoid biting down on really hard objects like ice or other food objects. Not only can porcelain and ceramic crowns, again, the most popular, crack but they can also stain like your natural teeth. So good habits need to persist when it comes to drinking colas, coffee, tea and red wines. Chewing tobacco will damage your crowns as if they were your normal teeth. If you do physical activities like active sports or lifting weights in the gym you should consider a mouth guard to protect your natural teeth and your crowns from cracking. Your new dental crown will be worth every penny!

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