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Tooth extraction is a very polite way of saying having your tooth pulled. The perception of the procedure changes with the verb and will ramp up many patient’s anxiety when it comes to the fear of pain. There are many reasons to have a tooth extraction and the process is very easy. The healing process is deliberate and the benefits are identifiable.

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Reasons for Extraction

Before we list the many reasons for a tooth extraction lets understand that the primary objective of the staff at Smile Eden Prairie is to always do everything possible to keep your natural teeth. So when it comes to an extraction it is really the last option left on the table. The first reason would be severe tooth decay or infection which is the result of neglect and simple good oral hygiene. This is the number one reason across the country for a tooth extraction even though preventive dentistry is improving. This means that a root canal cannot save the natural tooth that is too damaged. A fractured, cracked or severely chipped tooth can often be the reason as well as a broken tooth from an unfortunate accident or a sporting event. Wisdom teeth are often extracted as well as teeth that are prohibiting proper growth in the mouth. Teeth can be removed to accommodate orthodontic work with corrective braces. Serious gum disease can result in teeth extraction as well as some medications. Many, many reasons. You sacrifice one tooth for the good of the balance.

Tooth Extraction Process

There are basically two types of tooth extraction. If the tooth is visible it can be a simple extraction in the dental office. The second type involves oral surgery. This is when the crown of the tooth is not visible and additional measures need to be taken to remove the balance of the tooth. In the case of wisdom teeth for example, sometimes wisdom teeth are impacted which means they have not erupted through the gum line. To remove these requires oral surgery. The very first step will always be the consultation where all options are reviewed and exhausted. All avenues will be researched to try and save the tooth. If the decision between you and the dentists at Smile Eden Prairie says extraction is the best solution then the prep begins. The actual preparation for the procedure includes preliminary x-rays as a visual confirmation that the extraction is necessary. With a simple extraction the jaw and gums are administered a local anesthetic to numb all the nerves and an instrument called a forceps will be used to pull the tooth. Even though there is no pain involved there is still a physical experience that some will find unpleasant.

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Healing After Extraction

There will be bleeding after the tooth has been pulled. Gauze will be used along with pressure to stop the bleeding. You will bite down on the gauze for 20 to 30 minutes. You want a blood clot to form. The proper care after your tooth extraction focuses on that blood clot. Do not attempt to remove it. Depending on the location of the clot you may want to consume liquids or at least soft food only for 24 hours. Any use of a straw is totally forbidden for 48-72 hours. This also includes smoking. When it comes to brushing you want to avoid the area totally for a day or two and then be very careful after that when you brush and floss. Often times you will be advised to put an ice pack on your face for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. If you experience discomfort you can take over the counter pain medication to alleviate any discomfort.

Tooth Extraction Risks

The immediate risk is something called a dry socket. This happens in about 3% to 4% of all extractions. This is when an infection sets into the opening where the tooth was removed. The blood clot does not form properly and air and food get to the exposed underlying bone. Rare cases have the removal of an upper molar open a hole into the sinus cavity. You may have soreness in the jaw muscles making it difficult to open your mouth. You may also experience some swelling after the extraction.

Tooth Extraction Benefits

The benefit of having a tooth extracted is simply that you have taken a positive step forward in correcting a dental problem. Anxiety and stress can come out of indecision. You and the staff at Smile Eden Prairie collaborated on the decision to have the tooth extraction. The next issue is you need to have a plan in place to address the gap left by the extracted tooth. If you do not replace that tooth in a timely fashion you will begin to suffer bone loss in the jawbone and the neighboring teeth will start to drift into the gap disrupting the pattern of your bite. If we make your broken tooth or your infected tooth the baseline then the tooth extraction is a half way point. The final benefit is the implant or bridge that replaces that original tooth and most importantly returns your natural smile. Your smile is something we all take for granted but has value that can’t be quantified. Your smile is responsible for your self-esteem and your self-confidence whether it be in your personal circles or the professional workplace.

Future Care

Mistakes are to be learned from. The health industry strongly suggests you see the staff at Smile Eden Prairie twice a year for preventative examinations. With updated exams showing the progress of your teeth and gums you can avoid further tooth extractions in your future. They will update x-rays to monitor below the gum line and the hygienist will give you a professional tooth cleaning. They will ask you to continue good home oral health care by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. The tooth extraction is a decision to grown and build from.

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Having a tooth extraction procedure can significantly impact and improve the lives of those with damaged teeth. Scheduling an appointment for Tooth extraction is the first step towards being confident in your smile once again. We are here to help you begin your journey towards the perfect smile! Please contact us to set up an appointment for Tooth extraction at (952) 941-9829. At Smile Eden Prairie, we are passionate about your smile and committed to providing you with the quality care you need!