Emergency Dentist How Much Cost?

If you are dealing with a dental emergency for yourself or a family member, you first need to address the source of the problem.  Then, you need to prepare yourself for the cost of the solution.  To help determine how much you should plan on spending, you need to consider the severity of your dental issue, how many teeth are affected and where you live.

Typically, once you start experiencing the serious pain that requires immediate dental attention, you fall into one of the following treatment plans: root canals, extractions, fillings for cavities or crown repairs.  While it will take a professionally trained dentist to determine what your mouth needs in order to be restored to health, you can have a quick reference for the cost of your procedure.  The pain is the way that your body is telling you something is wrong, but there are additional symptoms that may help you determine exactly what is wrong.

When the dentist determines that you need to have a root canal, the dentist is trying to remove an infection from the root of your tooth.  Once the infection is at the root of your tooth, the infection can spread to the jawbone, your neck or even your blood.  In order for the dentist to address the infection and complete a root canal procedure, the dentist will need to treat the affected tooth or teeth.  Depending on where the dentist needs to complete the root canal, the price can fluctuate between $700 to $1,200 without dental insurance.

When the dentist determines that you need to have your tooth extracted, the dentist has determined that the tooth can’t be saved by other treatments.  You may have any number of underlying issues that are causing your tooth to be in such a state, but the fact is, your tooth is no longer beneficial to your oral health.  You may have experienced trauma and your tooth is fractured or you have an infection that has overwhelmed your tooth sot the tooth needs to be removed entirely rather than repaired.  Like other dental procedures, where the tooth to be extracted is in your mouth affects the cost.  It may cost between $75 to $300 without anesthesia or $200 to $600 with anesthesia to help with the pain and your comfort.

When the dentist determines that you have a cavity that needs to be filled, you may have experienced a simple crack from trauma or gradual decay.  The surface of your tooth needs to be strengthened and repaired with porcelain or a silver alloy.  The material that is used, the location of the tooth and the size of the filling will affect the general price of the filling from $110 to $240.

When the dentist determines that a dental crown will help restore your mouth to health, the dentist will be using the crown to repair a broken or chipped tooth.  In non-emergency cases, dental crowns can be used to help recover off-colored teeth, protect a compromised tooth or as the replacement tooth to be attached to a dental implant.  Crowns can be made from a number of materials, replace a variety of teeth and can be secured in place a number of ways usually costing between $1,000 to $1,500 a tooth.

While you can’t plan for which emergency you will have, taking good care of your teeth at home and with twice yearly professional cleanings will help you have fewer emergency visits and bills.

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