How to find a cosmetic dentist

If you’ve been considering an eden prairie cosmetic dentist procedure to improve your smile, be sure to do some focused research before choosing a provider. As with any aesthetic investment, you’ll want to see some examples of completed projects to ensure you’ll be confident throughout the process and happy with your results. You can use the online search tool provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, found at, to find a cosmetic dentist near you and also to research their credentials. In order to achieve accreditation with the AACD, dentists must undergo continuing education and demonstrate their abilities, and each listed dentist’s credentials are available on the AACD search site. Once you’ve found some cosmetic dentistry options in your area, think about what criteria you will use to choose your own cosmetic dentist. Some people base their decision on cost and convenience. If cost is important to you, be sure to take the time to research your selected dentists’ previous work. As with any art, time and skill are required to create an aesthetically pleasing final result, so you may need to prepare to pay a bit more for a perfect finished product. In most cases, however, the cosmetic dentist will work with you to figure out financing options and determine the best treatments options that are within your price range.

You are also likely to find a cosmetic dentist whose work you like if you ask your friends and family for referrals. Perhaps you know someone who’s had a cosmetic dental procedure and you’re impressed with the results. Don’t be afraid to ask that person who did their work, and see if that dentist will work for you!  You should also ask your own general dentist for a recommendation, and then look online for more useful information; read online reviews for area cosmetic dentists and see who’s got the highest ratings, and don’t be afraid to contact the dentist directly to ask to see examples of their work. You may find before-and-after photos online; if not, be sure to ask for these in person, and watch for retouched photos. If any photos raise concerns, don’t be afraid to ask the dentist the names of a few patients who you can call and interview about their experiences and their results. You should also ask any dentists you’re considering about their training in cosmetic dentistry; there are many post-graduate cosmetic dentistry programs, so make sure your chosen dentist has the proper training and credentials. Many cosmetic dentists hone their art through experience, so try to learn how long your selected cosmetic dentist has been practicing, and ask what portion of their practice focuses on cosmetic dentistry.

Remember that this is an investment and that you deserve to be confident through the procedure and happy with your results. Don’t feel like you need to rush through the process of selecting a dentist and meeting for consultations, and be sure to ask questions and listen to all recommendations. If the dentist suggests something you’re not comfortable with, be sure to voice any objections and ask for alternatives. Weigh the pros and cons thoroughly, in conversation with your dentist, before committing to any procedure, and be sure to thoroughly communicate in order to achieve the best possible results. Your chosen cosmetic dentist should make you feel comfortable and confident, so be sure to take the time to find someone you fully trust and respect.

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