How much do dentures cost?

If you are seeking to replace missing teeth, you might be wondering about the cost of dentures at Smile Eden Prairie. How much does it cost to have dentures made? It depends on the kind of dentures you choose. Read on to find out some of the key differences in the types of dentures available as well as the differences in the cost of having these custom-made dental appliances created for you.

The cost of temporary dentures

Temporary or “immediate” dentures are exactly what the name implies – an immediate, temporary solution following the loss of teeth. Temporary dentures are often developed before a scheduled oral surgery during which teeth are going to be extracted. The benefit of temporary dentures is that they are ready for use immediately following extraction, which means that you won’t have to wait to replace missing teeth and will never experience a gap in your smile.

Temporary dentures are custom-made over the course of four to five visits prior to tooth extraction and are used for two to three months following surgery. While these are meant to be used temporarily to assist in the healing process and provide a cosmetic bridge before permanent dentures can be used, some opt to modify and use them in a more permanent fashion. When the bone and tissues in the area where the extraction took place have healed and settled into place, which takes two to three months, you can have what is called a “hard reline” of your dentures, a process that reshapes your dentures with a harder, more durable material that will accommodate the slightly different shape of the healed tissue. While immediate dentures use a softer material meant to be gentle on your healing tissues, the harder acrylic incorporated during the hard reline will make these dentures a more long-lasting solution. In some cases, further hard relining may become necessary over time, as your mouth, like the rest of your body, is constantly changing.

As temporary dentures are either a two-to-three-month solution while waiting for permanent dentures or require hard relining to make them a more permanent appliance, these dentures are ultimately more costly than permanent dentures. They take more time to create and also require more reshaping to obtain a good fit. However, many find that this is worth the expense, not only for cosmetic reasons but because immediate dentures also provide a more comfortable healing process than going without dentures while the tissues heal. Talk to your dentist about whether this might be a good option for you. You might find that payment plans or other forms of financing might make it more affordable if this is the option you’d like to pursue.

The cost of permanent dentures

Permanent dentures, unlike temporary or “immediate” dentures, are designed from the outset to offer a more permanent replacement solution for missing teeth. Over the course of several visits, your dentist will take a number of impressions, which creates a mold using an alginate material that your dentist will use to cast a model of your mouth (a 3D wax or plastic mold of what your dentures will eventually look like). This model can be used to determine proper fit and make any necessary adjustments before your permanent dentures are then cast. Even after the permanent dentures are created, they can be modified for a better fit if you have any problems.

While dentures are meant to be worn only during the day and not at night (while you sleep you’ll soak them in a cleaning solution to keep them fresh and clean), your dentist may ask you to wear them 24 hours a day during the initial use period, as this will help her or him determine if the fit is ideal or if adjustments are required.

Because permanent dentures are designed from the outset with an acrylic material that is meant to be permanent, unlike temporary dentures, the overall cost is lower. While the wearer will not automatically have to have a hard reline done after the initial two or three months to continue wearing these dentures, that doesn’t mean that small changes and adjustments won’t eventually be necessary. The structure of your mouth, like the rest of your body, is constantly changing and evolving. For that reason, it’s common for those with permanent dentures to periodically have their dentures reshaped or “relined” occasionally. While this does add to the cost of permanent dentures, most find that this is a worthwhile investment – the cost of maintaining your daily comfort and your own unique smile is always money well spent!

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