Is Professional Teeth Whitening For Me

Having your eden prairie teeth whitening at your dental office is the easiest way to quickly brighten and improve your smile! Whitening your teeth at home can be very effective but can take up to two weeks and you may not achieve your desired results. Visiting your dentist for laser teeth whitening will give you great and immediate results after only an hour and a half of treatment.

Even if you do not want to spend the money on laser whitening, your dentist may offer a home whitening kit that will cost less but have the same concentration of peroxide that they use in the office. This is not the same product that you would buy at the drugstore, but a professional-grade whitening solution.

If you are considering teeth whitening, it is important that you speak with your dentist before beginning any treatment in-office or at-home to make sure that you are a candidate for whitening and that you are not wasting your money.

Who is a candidate for professional whitening?

Any patient who has all of their adult teeth and does not have any form of periodontal disease could be a candidate for teeth whitening. Patients that suffer from tooth sensitivity or periodontal disease and those who have dental restorations should seek out other methods for whitening, which we will discuss later.

Whitening is often used as the first step in restorative work! This allows the teeth to be as bright as possible before getting crowns or veneers. This can be important because the material that is used to fabricate dental restorations does not whiten. Your dentist may advise that you have your teeth whitened about a week before any restorative work so that your teeth are as light as possible and your teeth and restorations will match.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned before starting any whitening treatment is a great way to get ideal results! Your hygienist will be able to remove any surface stains and plaque buildup that could get in the way of the whitening solution doing its job.

Professional Teeth Whitening Alternatives

For some, professional teeth whitening is not practical. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to help give you a brighter smile! First things first, professional cleanings remove a significant amount of staining which may be your only problem! Second, using baking soda toothpaste and mouthwash with peroxide can help remove stains daily.

Patients with sensitive teeth will likely have a hard time with whitening treatments. It is normal to experience an increased amount of sensitivity after whitening those some patients have what are called “zingers“ that can be painful and last for a couple of hours. For the most part, increased sensitivity should subside after a couple of days.

If you do not think that you can endure a professional whitening treatment, your dentist can help you find over the counter products to brighten your smile. Patients with older restorative work who want to whiten their teeth may consider the option of replacing old restorations with newer, whiter ones. Speak with your dentist to determine if you are a candidate for professional teeth whitening or if you should seek an alternative.

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