Emergency Dentist Tooth Extraction

In most cases, emergency or not, dentists will avoid extracting a tooth as much as possible.  But in some instances, the tooth is not healthy enough or the mouth is not strong enough to support the tooth restoration to allow for any other treatment plan than tooth removal.

Typically, there are four instances that a dentist will start to consider an dental emergency in eden prairie mn tooth extraction.  But in each case, the dentist will consider your health, your medical history and a number of other factors before working with you to determine the best treatment plan.

Tooth Fracture Under Gums

When you are chewing your food, your teeth have to absorb the pressure from biting down.  Eventually your lower molars may crack from the repeated pressure, especially if you repeatedly chew on hard or sticky foods.  Other people who are at risk for cracking teeth are people who have recently had a root canal procedure or who have a large filling.  If your tooth cracks, the dentist may be able to repair the damage with a crown, a filling or even a combination of procedures.  However, if your tooth cracks and it extends below the gumline, the dentist is not able to seal the tooth to protect the root and the nerve.  The tooth will be beyond repair and the dentist will need to remove it.

Tooth Decay

While you may brush and floss your teeth twice a day, you still need to seek professional dental treatment to prevent plaque and tartar from causing tooth decay.  Some people avoid going to the dentist to avoid dental bills, and they may avoid less expensive, incremental bills.  But over time, the lack of preventative care will lead to more serious, complicated and costly procedures.  If the tooth decay goes untreated, there will not be enough of a healthy tooth left to save and the whole tooth will need to be removed.

Periodontal Disease

Another side effect of avoiding dental cleaning bills is gum disease.  In its early stages, dentists can reverse its effects and stop its progression with scaling and root planing.  Once it crosses into periodontal disease, it can’t be stopped, it can’t be reversed, it can only be slowed.  The inevitable results include receding gums which reduce the tissue which helps keep your teeth in place.  As your gums pull away from your teeth, more of the tooth is exposed and the tooth more likely to fall out or need to be extracted.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

In your late teens or early twenties your third set of molars, or your wisdom teeth, may start to become an issue.  For some people, their mouths are big enough, but for others, their mouths do not have enough space for more molars. Without anywhere to go, the teeth can get stuck under the gum, or impacted, and will require removal.  It is best to make an appointment with an oral surgeon before your wisdom teeth are causing you enough pain to go to an emergency dentist.

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