Emergency Dentistry for Children

When your child is running and being active, they are more likely to get injured and can run the risk of injuring their teeth and mouth.  Mishaps while children are playing sports, participating in activities during recess or while playing games are just some of the times when you may find yourself addressing a dental emergency.

While tooth loss may not be as serious when your child still has their baby teeth, damage to adult teeth, gum tissue or infections can prove to be issues for young mouths.  While this may be your first dental emergency eden prairie, it is most likely not your first urgent medical issue with your child.  You can help control the problem and determine the best plan of action just the way you would for any other medical crisis.

You should take the following steps to help get the young mouth back on the road to recovery:

  • Check for bleeding
  • Apply pressure to any areas that are bleeding
  • Clean the injured area
  • Determine how serious the injury is
  • Get professional medical or dental attention as soon as possible

If your child has knocked out a permanent tooth, try to locate it but take care to not touch the root when you handle it.  If you can, put the tooth back into the socket in your child’s mouth.  The tooth will help apply pressure to slow the bleeding, keep the tissue moist, and increase the chance the dentist will be able to save the tooth.  To keep the tooth in place, you should give your child some wet gauze to gently bite.  If you do not have any gauze, a wet tea bag will work as a substitute.

If your child is not able to keep the tooth in place in their mouth, you need to store the tooth safely until you get dental attention.  You should put the displaced tooth in a container with milk, saliva, or salt water to protect the tissue from drying out.  The dentist has a better chance of saving the tooth, whole, cracked or damaged, if it is safely transported outside of the mouth.

If your child knocked out a baby tooth, the dentist will need to determine whether or not to replant the tooth in your child’s mouth.  There are a number of factors to help the dentist determine the best treatment plan like your child’s age, their dental progress, the condition of the baby tooth and the likelihood the tooth will heal back into place.

Taking the Kids for an Emergency Visit

If your child experiences any kind of trauma to the face it’s a good idea to have a dental assessment to ensure there was not any kind of damage below the surface, to the jaw or to the developing tissues and bones.  Medical and dental professionals can help your child keep all their permanent teeth in place and in good health for as long as possible despite accidents.  And when dealing with wounds in the mouth, preventing and treating infections is very important to prevent more serious dental procedures and health problems that result from untreated infections and inflammation.

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