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Your situation is not ideal.  You are dealing with a eden prairie dental emergency and you need to find the best dentist to help resolve your problem now.  Assuming this is not a true medical emergency and you do not need to call 911 or make a trip to the emergency room, you may not be able to make an appointment at your preferred dental office outside of their business hours.

You have already tried searching the internet for Local Emergency Dentist, but who do you trust? How do you know that the pricing will be fair? At this point, it is more important that you address the dental emergency promptly and properly.  You may be able to reach out to your regular dental office for an after hours or emergency recommendation.

Where Can I Find Emergency Dental Care?

Even in the case of emergencies or trauma, the emergency room is not the answer for dental care.  The ER doctor may be able to provide you with antibiotics or painkillers, but not all ERs have dentists on staff.  In most states, only a dentist can remove a tooth, fill a cavity or complete any type of dental restoration.  So be sure to call ahead to the hospital if you plan on going to an ER for treatment to see if they have an emergency dentist on call.  The hospitals will be able to help you temporarily with symptoms, but you will need to seek treatment from a dentist to solve the cause of the problem.

When should I Go To The Emergency Room?

If you have been in an accident and you have injured your face or jaw, have cuts inside or near your mouth, or have serious swelling in these areas, the emergency room should be your first stop.  The doctors will be able to assess your condition, treat your injuries and help you stabilize.

If you have been suffering from an infection in or near your mouth for more than one week, you should consider going to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic.  Infections in your mouth can become more serious and problematic by affecting your bones or even your blood.  Antibiotics can prevent your infection from spreading and help restore your oral health.  If the threat of infection is under control, the dentist will be able to treat the underlying condition faster.

In many cases with dental issues, the longer it goes untreated the worse it gets, the more complicated the treatment and the more expensive it will be to resolve the entire problem.  Not to mention, the longer you wait, the more pain you are unnecessarily suffering from when you go leave your dental problems untreated.

The next time you are at the dentist’s office for a regular cleaning and check up, talk to your dentist about emergency dental recommendations.  Try to make a contingency plan before you have an emergency, so you are better prepared when you do have one.  When you do have an emergency, be sure to seek treatment as soon as possible.  It is important to treat the problem as soon as it arises to avoid permanent damage and tooth loss.

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