Invisalign Before and After

If you are an adult who is not happy with your smile, you have probably spent time thinking over your options. Do you want a bright smile with straight teeth and no gaps? This isn’t a dream. An Invisalign at smile eden prairie treatment plan, custom-made for YOU, can make this dream a reality. Need more convincing? It may help to learn more about who is a good candidate for Invisalign and a few patient success stories.

Candidates for Invisalign

Invisalign treatment can effectively treat more conditions than you may think. If you have crowded teeth, an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, a gap between your teeth, or just want generally straighter teeth, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Success Stories

Jess: Jess is a 40-year old healthy, active, young mom and small business owner. As an athlete, she takes good care of her health, always finding the time to run or get a workout in. With her own business, her kids, and her fitness, Jess realized that she was struggling to find time to prioritize her oral health. There just was no time and she did not see how braces would fit into the mix. But Jess felt self-conscious with taking pictures and looking at pictures of herself. She noticed she was always avoiding those situations. Not matter how good she felt about herself, her smile was holding her back. Invisalign fit perfectly into Jess’s busy on the go lifestyle. When Jess found out how cost-effective Invisalign was, she was sold. Today, Jess feels like not only do her teeth shine, but the real her shines through too.

Bruce: Bruce is a 36-year old data analyst who loves video games. He has loved gaming since he was little and now feels like it makes him better at his job. Bruce has always valued the impression a smile makes. One day Bruce woke up and realized something had to change, he had become overweight and no longer felt good about himself. Choosing Invisalign and choosing to start to diet and exercise was the beginning of a transformation journey for Bruce. As he started to exercise, he noticed that not only his mood improved, but he started smiling more. Invisalign treatment was a critical choice Bruce made for himself during his transformation. Now, he is not only proud of his transformation, but of the new smile he shares with the world.

Catherine: Catherine is a young 30-year old student actress and newlywed. She went through Invisalign while in theater school without taking a break from the stage. She never realized how much the appearance of her teeth impacted her confidence throughout her life and on the stage as she connected with the audience. After Invisalign, Catherine now stands on the stage with a newfound confidence. Invisalign is the best decision she could have ever made for herself.

Sara: Sara is a 32-year old nature lover who spends as much time as she can adventuring outdoors. Today, her love for nature is central to her career as a science reporter. Sara doesn’t have to think twice about her Invisalign treatment when she heads outdoors to snowboard, bike, or run. She can pursue her many passions without hesitation. Today, just halfway through treatment, Sara is so thankful she made the choice to change her smile and is impressed with how much change she has already seen. Sara feels like Invisalign has helped her find the best version of herself.

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