Invisalign Treatment Reviews

Invisalign in eden prairie mn treatment is a modern customizable approach to straightening teeth. Invisalign trays are clear, BPA-free plastic orthodontic aligners that gradually shift teeth into the desired position. Each individual patient gets their custom-made trays over a series of several months. One of the benefits of Invisalign is the trays can be removed during eating and drinking and can be brushed daily. While the treatment timeline depends on the condition of each individual patient case, the average treatment is between 12 to 14 months.


Review 1: I did not realize until I was interviewing for a new job how self-conscious I was about my teeth. My lower teeth were overcrowded and over time the middle tooth has been pushed back. For years I haven’t opened my mouth for photos. After weighing my options, I had my dentist refer me to an orthodontist to discuss treatment options. The first few days of wearing Invisalign I was surprised my gums were tender and sore, but this only lasted for a few days. I also was aware the first week that my speech had changed. Overtime both of those effects went away. I get new aligners every 2 weeks. I’m over halfway through my treatment plan and I am already noticing significant changes. The only negative is taking out the aligners to eat or drink.

Reviewer 2: Invisalign is the best decision ever. I was so hesitant to begin with, but I’m so glad I went through with this decision. I have noticed such a big difference with my self-esteem as my teeth and smile have transformed. I am almost finished with my treatment and haven’t had any complications so far.

Reviewer 3: I am just over half-way through with my treatment and I have found the aligners are fitting in with my lifestyle. My tip for new users is to buy denture cleaner tablets and every morning soak the aligners for a few minutes. This helps them feel clean. I did notice that at first, I talked differently, but that has completely gone away now. I wear my Invisalign for approximately 20 hours a day, including at work and at the gym. I am always aware the aligners are there, but I find some relief in knowing others aren’t. The most inconvenient part is taking them out to eat, especially if you are out to eat or at an event with food served. I just decided to stop wearing them to events, and just make sure to put them in as soon as it is over. I am on aligner set 23 out of 37 and when I look back at photos, I can see the drastic change in my smile which is exciting. I found now that I am this far along that my teeth adjust quicker to new aligners.

Reviewer 4: The first day I wore my Invisalign trays I cried because I was so uncomfortable. I remember thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” Now, a year later, I have zero regrets. After about a week things became more normal and everyone, including myself adjusted. I think it is important to set realistic expectations. I got Invisalign to treat my overbite. I still have a bit of an overbite now, but I see big results and have had such a change to my confidence. All I can say is if you are thinking about, do it!  You won’t regret it. And if you are in the first few days, hang in there, it will be worth it.

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