What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures in eden prairie minnesota are removable dental appliances that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Typically composed of a combination of materials including metal and acrylic, partial dentures are designed to maintain the structural integrity of the bone and other tissues in your mouth following tooth loss.

Why might I need partial dentures?

You might benefit from partial dentures if you have lost one or more teeth. While some choose not to replace missing teeth, as the existing teeth and bone in your mouth will shift somewhat to fill the gap, others opt to replace the missing teeth to avoid these changes. When teeth and bone shift in your mouth to fill in the gap created by a missing tooth, it can result in changes to your bite pattern and pressure, making you more susceptible to cracks and breaks in other healthy teeth. You may also experience some loss of both soft and hard tissues in the surrounding area, which can not only change the shape of your mouth but also lead to further problems in what were previously healthy teeth. For some, the replacement of teeth via a partial denture is also a cosmetic choice, and an affordable means of restoring a happy, healthy smile.

What are the benefits of partial dentures?

There are many benefits to partial dentures, including the ease with which they can be created and used, the simple process of cleaning them, and the potential for future modification, such as the addition of more tooth replacements if and when that becomes necessary.

While there are other options that provide more permanent replacement of missing teeth, including bridges and dental implants, the procedures required to install these appliances are more invasive and therefore more costly, as well. The reasonable cost of partial dentures is one of the many reasons that those who wish to replace missing teeth opt for this particular solution.

 What should I know about wearing and maintaining my partial dentures?

Like most changes in life, the wearing of partial dentures becomes less noticeable over time. At first, you might feel very aware of a foreign object in your mouth, and you may also have some difficulty in chewing food as you did previously. The important thing to remember is to start acclimating slowly, eating soft and easily broken down foods to begin with, and to be patient, knowing that with time will come an increased ability to eat the vast majority of the many foods you enjoy (particularly tough, hard, or sticky foods, though, like hard candy, taffy or toffee, should be avoided more long-term).

While partial dentures can be worn throughout the day, they should not be worn at night. This is when you will clean your dentures by simply removing them and soaking them in a cleaning solution to keep your dentures sparkling clean. You’ll be glad you did! By taking this simple step, you’ll preserve the health of your teeth and gums along with the appearance of your dentures, leading to healthier teeth and gums and a brighter and happier smile.

To find out more about partial dentures might benefit you, call your dentist today for a consultation!

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